RIOC Holds Town Hall to Share Figment NYC Event Logistics

May 30, 2019

On Thursday, May 23rd, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) held a Town Hall with representatives from NYC Emergency Management (NYCEM), the NYPD, and Figment to review preparations and take questions from the public regarding the

upcoming Figment NYC festival, to be held June 1-2 on Roosevelt Island.


Leading up to the Town Hall, RIOC met at NYCEM headquarters with Commissioner Esposito and representatives of NYPD, NYCEM, FDNY, MTA, DOT, NYCHHC, NYC Transit Police, NYS Homeland Security, Hornblower, and EDC.


NYCEM committed to bringing all necessary parties together to create a

safety/security/transportation plan, using Figment NYC as a test for large events on Roosevelt Island.


“I would like to thank Commissioner Esposito, as well as the variety of city and state agencies that came together for us in preparing for this event. RIOC is very appreciative to have such expert guidance moving forward, to ensure the safety and comfort of our Island residents and visitors.” said Susan Rosenthal, RIOC President & CEO.


During the Figment festival, NYCEM will station a Command Center on Main Street during the festival for communication among PSD, MTA, NYPD, NYCHHC, and NYCEM.

Throughout both days of the festival our Public Safety Department (PSD) and other RIOC departments will be on hand to assist event organizers, visitors, and residents.


Preparation is taking place for crowd control on the west promenade just south of the Octagon 


The 114th precinct will have police details on island, including over 25 officers managing crowd and traffic control. The NYC Transit Police have assigned 19 officers dedicated to managing crowds at the subway. The MTA will also have mechanics on site to ensure that the elevator and escalators work properly at our subway station. PSD will also have 30 officers and 10 private security dedicated to Figment.


Residents are encouraged to review the following pertinent event details:

  • Vehicular access for residents: Please be sure to have ID and proof of address for faster Island access.

  • Motorgate Garage: Motorgate is providing entry placards for monthly customers.

  • Taxis/car services: Will be allowed on-Island for drop-off/pick-up.

  • F train subway service: Anticipated to be running at full service, on a weekday schedule.

  • NYC Ferry: Plans to deploy larger, 300 passenger capacity ferries to the Island on Figment event days.

  • Red Bus service: Will be running on a weekday rush hour schedule.

  • RIDA bus: RIDA will be running an event bus for disabled attendees, details TBC.

  • Water fill stations: Will be located in Lighthouse Park. Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring their own water bottles to this event.

  • Food: All Island food locations have been notified of the festival and instructed to ‘stock up’.

  • Food trucks will be positioned outside of Lighthouse Park and by the subway station.

  • Bathrooms: Portable toilets will be placed at the Tram, Motorgate, Meditation Steps, Coler Hospital parking lot, and Lighthouse Park entrance. In addition our Lighthouse Park and Octagon comfort stations will be available.

  • Event locations: Figment festival activities will be throughout Roosevelt Island, primarily in Lighthouse Park, with additional installs at the Motorgate Atrium, Manhattan Park, and throughout the West Promenade from Eleanor’s Pier north to Lighthouse Park.

  • Event entry: Please use the West Promenade entrance to Lighthouse Park.

  • Ticketing: Please be sure to reserve an event ticket, which will be checked at Lighthouse Park.

Reserve your free tickets to the festival here. Up to the event, RIOC will continue to meet with the Figment producers and confer with the NYPD and NYCEM to ensure that the festival runs smoothly.


The Figment Festival will take place on June 1-2, primarily in Lighthouse Park, with smaller exhibits positioned at other locations on the Island. Figment’s vision for art looks past the white-walled galleries and into the realm of participation. Figment NYC was held on Governor’s Island for 12 years and this will be its first year on Roosevelt Island. This will be Figment’s 70th festival, with events having been held in 20 cities and five countries. Visit their website for more information.

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