Summer Photo Workshop at FDR Four Freedoms Park: Filling in the Blanks with Brooke DiDonato

July 30, 2019

Last Thursday evening was one of those perfect New York City summer days beckoning you to spend time outdoors. 23 photography enthusiasts gathered at FDR

Four Freedoms Park to partake in a summer workshop, Filling in the Blanks.


The event was a BYOC event, bring your own camera, led by Brooke DiDonato, a visual artist from Ohio. DiDonato is known for her surrealist style in which she plays with spaces and environments to create captivating photos.


In the workshop students used the park as the backdrop and explored color,

composition, light and shadows in their photography. Everyone in attendance paired up

and switched between being the photographer and the model bringing a variety of ideas

to life.


 Kenneth Ortiz


The group was young and diverse and ranged from seasoned photographers to

hobbyists eager to brush up on their skills. In her work DiDonato places onlookers into

the storyline of a photo, blurring what’s real and constructed. The event was produced

in collaboration with United Photo Industries, a non-profit organization which

encourages a wider understanding and increased access to the art of photography.


At the end of the workshop the intimate group convened to share their creations. They

discussed their positive experiences and challenges and casually critiqued each other’s

pieces. The workshop coincided with the last Summer Sunset Thursday at FDR Four

Freedoms Park, an event which invited New Yorkers to spend quality time outdoors in

the various areas of the park during twilight hours.


Clayton Reynold 


While this was the last Summer Sunset Thursday, there are more fun outdoor events

coming up in August and September. On August 17 and 18, families can enjoy the

park’s Pop-Up Library event where young and old can read, draw and play games

outside with a curated selection of books and materials.


Then on September 21 Kite Flight for Peace takes center stage at the park. Visitors will design their own kites with a variety of colors, symbols and stripes and will then fly them through the park. The event encourages visitors to think about what freedom and peace mean to them, and the event is open to all ages.


If you missed Filling in the Blanks, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy FDR Four

Freedoms Park while it’s warm outside and partake in their upcoming summer and fall

outdoor events.

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